At a time when a major relationship in my life ended and I had to deal with the overwhelming stress of being an executive while raising 2 children as a single parent, Ken's perspective on my whole being enabled me to overcome my shortsightedness so that I could not only move past this loss, but thrive. Ken's coaching has quite literally, been life-changing.

- Liesl Leary

When reflecting on the incredible transformation I have experienced in the short time Ken and I have been working together, I am filled with gratitude. Possibilities that I could not see before are suddenly crystal clear and within my reach. With Ken’s help, I’ve identified hidden emotional road blocks that have had me stuck in the mud...until now.

Working through this process step-by-step with Ken’s guidance, incredible patience, compassion, and genuine empathy creates within me a feeling of focus and clarity. I feel empowered to make great decisions in my personal life and business dealings as well.

Oh how I look forward to our meetings! Leaving my productivity sessions with Ken I am centered and confident. And isn’t that a gift in these uncertain times?!

The Whole You approach works by identifying individual goals, dreams, and aspirations to define and track your personal successes and accomplishments.

By actively listening and asking poignant questions Ken has created a framework for growth from which my personal life has blossomed and my business is buzzing with new energy. The results are tremendous!

- Whitney Barca - Whitney Bee Design

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